Can an indoor cat become an outdoor cat (and vice versa)?

Can an indoor cat become an outdoor cat (and vice versa)?

Despite popular myths otherwise, cats are really energetic and social animals. They can live happy lives indoors with their family, outdoors in the wild, or some combination of the two. Some people think that cats can’t transition from one kind of life to another, but they can. Although they may not have used them much, indoor cats still have all the instincts of an outdoor cat. Similarly, outdoor cats like the comfort and security of the indoors just as much as any other cat. It should be noted, however, that most animal specialists at your local cat clinic don’t recommend letting your family cat outdoors, as the risks far outweigh the benefits

When transitioning an outdoor cat into an indoor cat, remember these helpful tips:

Transition slowly. Cats love their routines and sudden or extreme changes tend to stress them out. When coaxing a cat into your home, do it slowly. The cat will make his or her own decision where to live.
• Have feedings indoors. Cats love the freedom of the outdoors but they also love having a secure supply of food. Having feedings indoors will help convince a cat that life will be easier and more stable indoors than it will be outdoors.
• Litter boxes are key. One of the big arguments for an indoor life from a cat’s point of view is the cleanliness. Cats famously like to stay clean so having a nice litter box will be a great way of convincing a cat that life is better with the family.
• Warm beds always help. Happy cats are often energetic and playful but usually only for short periods of time. Compared to humans or dogs, cats require a lot more sleep in a day. When they sleep, they like feeling safe and secure. Setting up a comfy cat bed in a secluded, dark place will go a long way to persuading the cat that he or she has everything he or she needs indoors.

If you are able to persuade a cat to come indoors, be sure to take him or her to the local cat clinic as soon as you decide it’s time to make the shift. He or she may have picked up a disease while roaming the city or woods.

Dangers of outdoor living for cats

While cats can be happy outdoors there are a lot of unique threats that will greatly reduce the cat’s life-expectancy, including:

• Diseases
• Parasites
• Other animals
• Cars
• Abusive humans

To avoid trips to the cat hospital, it’s best to keep your cat within the safety of your home. At Brimley-Lawrence Animal Clinic, we provide cat care for your furry friends. Contact us today if you’d like to visit our walk-in clinic or just learn more about your cat’s health.

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