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Essential Vaccines for Your Cat

Bringing home a kitten is a joy that can brighten your entire household. Feline companions often make affectionate, adorable and interesting members of a family. But just like human children, they require us to safeguard their health and wellbeing. This means making sure they eat well, get plenty of exercise, and also get adequate protection from diseases. Pet vaccination is the single most important way you can safeguard your feline from contracting illnesses in Toronto, Scarborough, and other surrounding areas. Depending on your kitty’s breed and lifestyle—indoor or outdoor—the vaccinations suggested will vary some. However, it’s recommended that all healthy kittens receive the following immunization shots for the following fatal cat diseases.

PanleukopeniaConsidered the parvo of the feline world, this often lethal disease causes internal haemorrhaging that can lead to vomiting, fevers and weight loss. It’s highly contagious and can be transmitted through direct or indirect contact, as well as in utero. Kittens are especially susceptible to the disease and should be immunized at around 6-8 weeks of age.Feline CalicivirusThis feline virus is easily transmitted and primarily attacks the upper respiratory system, eyes and mouth. It often leads to fever, runny nose, and mouth sores. Affected felines sometimes become lame or develop gastrointestinal issues. Frequently, the prognosis is not good for cats that contract the disease. It spreads via direct contact from affected animals or carrier animals.Feline RhinotracheitisAlso known as feline herpes virus, this illness affects the upper respiratory tract and leads to a variety of symptoms. Some common identifiers of the disease include sneezing, runny nose, inflammation of the eyes, and loss of appetite. Transmission only occurs through direct contact, but often the carrier animal shows no signs of having it as this disease goes into remission and then re-emerges periodically throughout the animal’s lifetime.veterinary clinic Toronto - cat vaccine 2RabiesThis virus has a number of variants, all of which are potentially lethal. It’s most often contracted via the transmission of saliva from the carrier. It affects the nerves, spinal cord and brain. Even indoor cats should be vaccinated, as there are still a number of scenarios where contracting the disease is possible. Transmission of rabies from animals to humans is also possible, making rabies vaccines strongly encouraged for kittens starting at 12 weeks of age.Specialized care for your catAt Brimley-Lawrence Animal Clinic, our cat clinic provides all manner of care for our feline friends from Toronto, Scarborough, and other nearby areas. Vaccines, deworming, sterilization and emergency services are all available at affordable costs. Contact us today with any question or to schedule an appointment.

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