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Pet X-Ray and Ultrasound

Choose Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital for Pet X-Rays and Ultrasound in Toronto

Has your veterinary doctor prescribed X-ray for your pet? Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital provides quick pet X-ray diagnosis in Toronto. Your pets come in contact with so many things in their cheerful life. You might not know what they eat, swallow, or incur internal injury. These may lead to some serious health problem for your pet. An X-ray plays a very important role in helping veterinarians to diagnose many internal health conditions. We have some of the latest and improved radiology and pet X-ray equipment in Toronto. Our X-rays can provide a clear picture of tissues, organs, bones, and foreign objects entered in your pet’s body.

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Why Pet X-rays Are Important

It is a common belief that X-rays show only broken bones or fractures in the body. This is very untrue! X-rays play a vital role in diagnosing the entire body of your pet. They can generate a clear picture of the organs, tissues, bladder stones, tumours, and even cancer. They also help to know pregnancies. X-rays penetrate deep inside and diagnose every part of the body. No internal structure is out of reach while performing this procedure. Many a times, vets prescribe X-rays just to be sure that there is no major problem. Here are some of the following situations when your pet requires an X-ray:

  • Orthopaedic injuries like fractures and deformities

  • Diagnosing for tumours, cysts, and bladder stones

  • Pet dental problems, such as abscesses or jaw fracture

  • Assessing the condition of organs like heart, liver, and other organs

  • Abdomen diagnosis, such as bloated abdomen, vomiting, or diarrhea

Pet X-ray Process in Toronto

Pet X-rays cannot be performed without a recommendation from our veterinarians. If you are recommended to get your pet X-rayed, then the process goes as follows:

A plastic cassette containing the film will be placed underneath the scanning area. Two of the technicians will hold the part steady. Sometimes your pet will be sedated for the procedure. The machine is manually operated and the X-ray will be trigged. The host will be repositioned to scan the part from different angles. This process usually takes up to 10 minutes to complete and the films will be processed within half an hour. During the process, our staff will ensure that your pet is taken care properly. Our team has many years of experience diagnosing pet animals. Schedule an appointment with our doctors today. For more information about pet X-rays in Toronto or any other pet-related issues, feel free to contact us.

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