A person walking a labrador in the winter


Though your dog might be as excited to go outside and play in the winter months, you might be worried about their safety as the temperatures dip below zero. However, with some research and careful planning, your furry friend will be able to explore snow-covered trails throughout the season.


Pay Attention

Different dog breeds will have different tolerances to extreme temperatures, so it’s a good idea to look into what the threshold is for your pup. However, it’s also important to be able to tell when your dog has had their fill of the cold. If your dog starts shivering, licking their paws excessively or lifting their paws off the ground, you should get them home as soon as possible. 


Use Boots

Booties are a great way to protect your pup’s feet from the cold, as well as from the salt and hazardous chemicals that are spread to melt the ice in Toronto’s streets. Keep in mind that your pooch probably won’t take to boots instantly. Booties need to be introduced slowly so that your dog can get used to them. If your pooch doesn’t wear boots, keep an eye on the street during your winter walks so that you can avoid walking through large amounts of de-icing salt.

Take Short Walks

Unless your dog is built for winter, like a Siberian Husky, you should keep your walks short and sweet on ultra-cold winter days. When temperatures are above zero, your pup might be happy to play in the snow for up to half an hour. On a harsh winter day, limit the outdoor time to brief walks. It’s still important that your dog gets the exercise they need, so add alternate forms of play into your day. For example, teach them a new trick, let them play indoors or walk up and down the stairs of your building with them!


Stick to Sidewalks

Dogs often have less fur on their belly than on the rest of their body, making this area particularly sensitive to the cold. Due to this, frolicking in the snow can cause your dog to get chilly much faster than usual. You can help them conserve heat by sticking to cleared paths and avoiding deep snow on long walks.


Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Toronto

Winter walks can be hazardous. If anything happens to your pup, you can count on Bellamy Lawrence Animal Hospital to provide them with excellent care possible at our hospital. 

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