welcoming a new cat

5 questions to ask yourself before you get a second cat

If you’re a cat owner who’s considering welcoming another feline into your family, there are some things you should think about first. Here are five questions to ask yourself before adopting a second cat.

1. Does my home have enough space?

When introducing another cat into your home, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that cats are territorial. The house should be big enough that each cat has at least one area to itself whenever it wishes to be alone. Keeping their litterboxes in separate areas is important for their general sense of independence.


2. Will my cat be overwhelmed by the energy of a kitten?

If you plan on bringing a kitten into your home, your older cat might not appreciate it, especially if your senior feline is accustomed to a peaceful home. Instead, you may want to adopt a cat that’s roughly the same age as your current one.


3. Will the cats get along with each other?

The personality of your cats will determine whether or not they get along. Cats who haven’t previously met might need time to acclimatize to each other. If any fighting erupts between the two, you’ll need to separate them. If they become fond of each other, one cat might copy the other’s activities and play fight, but no serious fights will break out.


4. Should both cats be the same gender?

As a general rule, two male cats don’t typically pick fights with each other. One male cat that’s bigger than the other, however, may bully the smaller one. Two female cats are a bit more likely to fight, and quite viciously at that.


5. Does the breed of my cat matter?

The short answer is, not really. Cats may at first be wary of a domestic feline that’s a different breed, but personality is the more important factor.


Remember to spay or neuter your cat

It’s important to spay and neuter your cats. By doing so you can improve your cat’s behaviour, help ward off certain cancers, and of course, prevent your feline friends from reproducing.


Veterinary services in the Greater Toronto Area

Bringing a new cat or kitten into your home means you’ll need to make sure they’re up to date on all their vaccines and in good health. Fortunately, Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital is a clinic that offers pet vaccination as well as other essential pet health services like spaying and neutering and pet dentistry. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian at our Greater Toronto Area clinic.