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5 tips for living with a pet if you’re allergic to animals

Are you a pet owner who’s allergic to your cat or dog? If so, there are a number of things you can do to minimize allergic reactions to dander. Here are five tips for living with animals if you’re allergic to them.

1. Bathe your pet regularly

Allergens can embed themselves in your pet’s fur and cling to their skin. However, by washing your dog or cat, you can remove a significant amount of dander. You’ll need to bathe them once or twice a week with an allergen reducing shampoo in order for this strategy to be effective. In between baths, you can remove dander with pet-friendly cleansing wipes. After each bath and wipe-down, remember to wash your hands so allergens don’t find their way into your eyes or mouth.


2. Develop a stricter cleaning routine

Vacuuming every day is one of the most effective ways to remove dander from your home. However, make sure to use allergen-free vacuum bags or a vacuum with a High Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA) filter. Though your best bet is to ditch rugs altogether, if you have carpeting, pay it extra attention. In addition, doing laundry more often may be helpful.


3. Install an air purifier

Using a high-performance air purifier can also help you remove allergens from your home. Pairing your air purifier with a HEPA filter will allow the unit to sift particles from the air more effectively.


4. Don’t let your pets sleep in your bed

Make sure your dog or cat has their own, separate bedding that’s washed on a regular basis. In addition, consider placing a plastic cover over your mattress and pillows to reduce the amount of dander that penetrates them. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to designate your bedroom as a pet-free zone.


5. Seek out treatment for yourself

An allergist can help you find out whether you have pet allergies or allergies from some other source, like tree pollen that can easily adhere to your pet’s fur. Allergy shots help many people overcome allergic reactions caused by dander.


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