keep a cat cool

5 tips for keeping your cat cool on hot summer days


Though cats often tolerate high temperatures better than we do, they’re still at risk for dehydration and heat stroke on the hottest days of the year. Here are five tips for helping Mittens stay cool during a heatwave.

Provide cold water

While it’s probably already a habit to keep your cat’s water bowl filled with fresh water, consider filling it more often during the summer months. You can also put ice cubes in there to ensure it stays cold for longer.


Create a retreat

Cats are great at finding comfort in the most unlikely spots, like the bathroom sink or the tiles on the kitchen floor. You can help your pet stay cool by “air conditioning” its favourite bed. Simply freeze a plastic bottle filled with water, wrap it in a cloth and place it in your kitty’s resting spot of choice.


Keep your cat indoors

If your pet loves to prowl the neighbourhood, try to make sure it stays indoors in the middle of the day, when the sun is at its strongest.


Brush your cat daily

Matted fur traps heat. Make sure that your cat’s coat provides the insulation it’s supposed to by keeping it neat and tangle free. At the same time, consider stroking your pet with a damp, cold cloth to cool it down.


Never leave your cat in the car

If you’re taking your cat on a road trip or even just to the vet, be sure to never leave it alone. Cars can heat up in just a few minutes, causing discomfort, heat stroke or even death.


Should you shave your cat?

While shaving your cat in the summer may seem like a simple way to keep it cool, it’s not always a great idea. In fact, their fur provides the insulation your pet needs to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Additionally, it protects a feline’s delicate skin from the sun.


While there are some situations in which your cat can benefit from a shave, it’s best to talk to your veterinarian first. If you do opt to shave your cat, be sure to bring your pet to a professional groomer who will make sure your cat’s haircut is done right, leaving fur on your cat’s head, paws and tail.


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