cats and seniors

5 reasons cats make the perfect pet for seniors

Cats make great pets for people of all ages and abilities. At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we think that cats are especially good companions for seniors. Here are five reasons why.  


They can improve mental health

Many seniors are lonely, which can eventually lead to depression. Studies have shown that having a pet can help seniors overcome loneliness and depression because they provide affection, companionship, entertainment and a sense of being needed or responsible for another being.


  • They can improve physical health

Studies have shown that spending time with an animal can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. And while cats don’t need to be walked daily, feeding and playing with a cat can usually get even seniors with reduced mobility moving around a little.


  • They’re great companions

Most adult cats only require 20 to 30 minutes of playtime a day and interacting with a feline doesn’t require the owner to be mobile. A laser toy or a string with a feather attached to the end is all a kitty needs to be happy. The rest of time, most cats are content to snooze near their favourite human.


  • They take care of themselves

Cats are exceptionally clean animals and rarely need help from their humans for grooming. They’ll also relieve themselves in a litter box as long as it gets cleaned every day.


  • They’re happy indoors

While some cats love to explore the neighbourhood, most are happy to spend their lives indoors. In fact, felines are naturally territorial, meaning they’re happier protecting their domain than they are exploring new places. In addition, house cats tend to have fewer health issues than dogs or outdoor cats.


Is it better to adopt a kitten or adult cat?

Many people think that adopting a kitten is the best choice when getting a cat. However, because young felines require more time and energy than older cats, kittens aren’t right for everyone. For this reason, many seniors would be better off adopting an adult cat with less energy and fewer exercise and training requirements.


Affordable vet care in Toronto

Both cats and kittens require veterinary care and many seniors need a vet that can offer affordable prices. Fortunately, the cat clinic at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital provides all this to people and cats all across the Greater Toronto Area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.