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32% of Canadian employees say they are now doing most of their work hours at home. Setting up your workspace and getting work done can be difficult, especially if you are a pet owner. So, how do you make things work for you and your pet? There are several ways to ease up the process and adapt to working from home with your pet. It does not have to be cumbersome and could include, among other things, fun exercise opportunities.

To learn more about getting work done alongside your faithful companion, here is a guide by your local Scarborough animal hospital to become a more knowledgeable pet owner.


Provide Plenty of Entertainment

Bored pets can start to dig and perform other destructive behaviours that can disrupt your work shift. Giving your pet some stimulation in the form of a toy or treat can help keep them busy while you are working from home.

Most pets are programmed to spend hours each day working for their food. This job is taken away when we provide their food for them in a convenient bowl. The mental stimulation that hunting for food provides can help keep your pet occupied, fit and healthy.

Take a look at the different food puzzles that are available for pets to provide some entertainment for your companion at mealtimes.


Establish a Routine

Although your workday may not always look the same, you need to make sure that your pet has a loose routine to help them feel secure. Walking your dog at 8 AM every day could set them up for a stress-free day while you are working from home. High-energy breeds may need more exercise than less active breeds.

Work your pet's schedule around your work shift. During office hours, playing fetch and running up and down the stairs at coffee breaks can help you give your pet some much-needed exercise if you can't take them outdoors for a long walk.

Schedule House Calls from Your Vet

Arranging a trip to the vet while working from home can be difficult, especially if your schedule changes daily.

Home visits are less stressful and more convenient for you and your pet. You may be aware of euthanasia done at home, but annual checkups and vaccinations can also be at your home nowadays.

Make things easier for you and your pet by booking an at-home vet appointment with your local Scarborough animal hospital.


Speak to the Experts at Our Scarborough Animal Hospital

Owning a pet and working from home can be a challenging balancing act. If you are unsure how to help your pet feel more at ease, speak to your vet at your next appointment.

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