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Your Dog Needs a Teeth cleaning? Trust Our Pet Dentistry Services

Are you concerned about your pet’s dental health? Visit Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital for a wide range of pet dentistry services in Toronto. We have a team for pet dentistry who are dedicated to preserving the oral and dental health of your pet. Our veterinary dental specialists perform a wide range of dental care services for your pet. Unlike people, even pets suffer from different kinds of dental problems like cavities, gingivitis, and more. It is very important to keep a check on your pet’s oral health to avoid the risk of major health problems. Schedule an appointment with our pet dentistry specialists in Toronto for a quick dental check-up for your pet.

doctor examining dog teeth


There are many dental problems your pet might encounter and that can severely affect its health. Some of the dental diseases can be very painful for them and they cannot even express. It is your responsibility to take care of your pet and we can help you do it. Our pet dentists will conduct a check-up, evaluate, diagnose, and devise a proper treatment plan for your pet. Here are some of the commonly occurring pet dental problems:

Broken Teeth

One of the most common dental problems occurring among pets is broken teeth. This can happen due to various reasons like being hit on the face, chewing on hard objects etc. You can count on us to immediately remove the affected tooth.

Abscessed Teeth

This is a very serious form of dental disease that any pet can encounter. A fractured tooth that is infected by oral bacteria is highly susceptible to become an abscessed tooth. Even though the tooth is removed, the bacteria remains and can spread throughout the body.

Missing Teeth

If your pet lost a tooth, it can become a serious problem. A missing tooth can lead to gum infection. So if you notice a missing tooth of your pet, get a pet X-ray done at our pet clinic.

Discolouring of Teeth

A discoloured tooth can be a more serious dental issue than you think. In most of the cases, a discoloured pet tooth means that the tooth is dead or infected, and that can cause pain and further infection.


Like humans, pets get cavities but they mostly occur in dogs. The most commonly affected breed is the German Shepherd dogs.

Orthodontic (Bite) Problem

This is often a purely cosmetic problem that is not unusual in dogs. Sometimes, when the jaw is not aligned properly it may causes pain to the lips, gums, or teeth.

Tooth Resorption

It is a common abnormality - the premolars of the lower jaw are most commonly affected. This disease can be seen in dogs but it is more common among cats.

Prevention  and aftercare

We can provide information and products that help maintain a clean mouth as soon as they acquire their adult teeth and after they have a dental procedure done to help keep their teeth as clean as possible. We have pet toothbrushes and toothpaste (with instructions if needed). We have several different dental foods to help clean food debris and tartar from teeth. We can also suggest water additives or oral sprays that can help keep their mouths as clean as possible.


At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we provide cure and treatment for all types of pet dental problems. We have a team of qualified veterinarians who have years of experience treating different animals. You can count on our pet dentistry team in Toronto to take care of your pet. In addition, we have all the equipment to perform any surgery required. Visit us or contact us today for a complete dental check-up for your pet.

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