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Kitten, Puppy and other Pets Vaccines Services in Scarbourough

If you’ve recently become a kitty or puppy owner, congratulations! It’s time to protect them against diseases to ensure they live a long, healthy life.

dog being injected


Even if your newborn will spend every day of their life inside, they are still at risk of catching diseases. This is because insects, bats and other pests that seek shelter in houses can carry and transmit diseases. Some animals also have illnesses that run in their family and need vaccinations to fight them off. Some of the illnesses that require vaccination include:

Distemper: this virus spreads rapidly. Make sure you protect your kitten or puppy against feline/canine distemper—it weakens the immune system, attacks blood cells and is fatal.
Canine parvovirus: protect your dog against this contagious viral disease. It attacks cells and can cause cardiovascular problems and even death.
Hepatitis: hepatitis inflames the liver and can cause severe symptoms, such as vomiting and fever. Prevent your dog’s liver from failing and vaccinate them against hepatitis.
Rabies: the rabies vaccine is a legal requirement. Rabies is fatal and there’s no treatment available so make sure your dog or cat is protected. What’s worse, if your fluffy friend gets rabies, they can spread it to you.

Some vaccines are only necessary in certain situations. Here are a few of them:

Leukaemia: our veterinarians will want to know about your pet’s family history. If leukaemia runs in their family or goes outside, this vaccine is essential.
Lyme disease: tick bites can cause a lot of irritation and infection. Lyme disease spreads to humans and is very debilitating. If you live in a wooded area or take your pet to parks that are tick infested, this vaccination will protect your animal against harmful ticks and will prevent you from catching it from them.
Canine bordetella: if your dog will visit kennels, grooming or dog parks, the bordetella vaccine is a must. The high concentration of dogs in one area can increases exposure to this illness.
Leptospirosis: caused by a bacteria spread through soil, water, and the urine of infected animals, and if not caught early it can be deadly, ask our veterinarian if the vaccine is right for your dog.


If you have a new cat or dog and would like to shield them against fatal diseases, come visit our Toronto veterinarians at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital. We’ll take the time to discuss your animal’s lifestyle and create a tailored vaccination schedule. What’s more, we offer pet vaccination to animals in the GTA and surrounding areas, like Scarborough.

Some animals don’t even know they’re being vaccinated. Others know what’s coming and are really anxious. In either case, our veterinarians go the extra mile by giving your furry friends the supportive care and respect they deserve. Not only does this calm them down, it also means we can administer vaccinations safely and effectively.

If your cat or dog is so anxious that you can’t even bring them to the clinic, we offer house calls. Our vets offer pet vaccination in homes throughout Toronto and surrounding areas, like Scarborough.

For pet vaccination in town, contact us at our Toronto clinic today to schedule a house call. We’re here to help your best friend stay healthy.

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