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Dental care pet

Many pet owners overlook dental care for their cats and dogs, but as is the case with humans, oral health is a key aspect of your animal’s overall well-being. According to research, the majority of feline and canine pets show signs of dental disease by the age of three. Here are a few indications that your pet needs dental care.

Loss of appetite If Fido or Mittens turns down their food, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong. Additionally, a pet that continuously drops food from their mouth can mean that the animal is experiencing oral discomfort. In particular, if your pet avoids eating hard, solid food, they’re likely suffering from oral inflammation or pain. Loss of interest in chew toys Another indication that your pet is experiencing dental pain is if they start neglecting their favourite chew toys. If even dental toys designed to fight plaque and bad breath are being ignored, it’s likely time to find an affordable vet. Bad breath Many pet owners seem to believe that animals are supposed to have stinky breath simply because they’re animals. However, this simply isn’t true. As is the case with humans, bad breath in pets is a sign that dental care is needed. Brushing your cat or dog’s teeth should be the first step in combatting their bad breath. In fact, regularly doing so can help demolish bacteria and plaque buildup. Red or bloody gums If your cat’s or dog’s gums appear inflamed or are bleeding, they may have periodontal disease. If the condition isn’t treated, it can impact your pet’s heart and overall health. For this reason, if Fido or Mittens has gum disease, pet dentistry is a must to not only alleviate discomfort but also to avert further issues. A dental cleaning, and possibly the removal of an infected tooth, may be necessary to treat the condition. Stained teeth Yellow or brownish stains near your pet’s gum line are an indication of severe tartar buildup. They may also be an indication that your cat or dog has a bacterial infection. A dental cleaning performed by a reputable veterinarian is the best solution if your pet has stained teeth. Pet dentistry in the Toronto area For all your pet’s oral health-care needs, Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital offers affordable dental services. Our vet prices are reasonable and the quality of care we offer is first-rate. Contact us today to get more information or schedule an appointment at our Toronto area clinic.

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