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a veterinarian holding a cat

All responsible cat owners know that their pets should visit the veterinarian at least once a year. Unfortunately, this isn’t an experience that many cats enjoy.

Here are five helpful tips to make the next trip to the vet less stressful!

  1. Get your cat used to being handled. Cats that are used to having their paws, ears, tails and bellies touched will are more likely to stay calm at the vet’s office. Give your cat weekly “checkups” so it’s comfortable with this type of manipulation.

  2. Get it used to the carrier. Most cats only go in their carrier when they’re going to the vet, which makes it stressful. Consider making the carrier your cat’s sleeping area by putting lots of cozy bedding inside. If Mittens is used to the carrier being a safe space, getting to the vet will be much easier.

  3. Take it for short car rides. The car is full of new and scary sensations for your cat. The sounds, smells and movement are sure to be stressful. Once your cat is used to the carrier, take it for short car rides. Make it more comfortable by draping the carrier with a towel.

  4. Skip a meal before the appointment. If its stomach is empty, your cat will be less likely to be carsick on the ride to the vet. Once you arrive at the clinic, you can feed it treats to reward good behaviour or to coax it into doing something it doesn’t want to do.

  5. Keep it calm in the waiting room. The presence of strange cats and dogs in the waiting room can be very stressful for some cats. Keep it calm by letting it remain in its carrier until it’s time to go into the examination room. Or, ask the receptionist if you can wait outside until it’s your turn.


If you’re looking for a cat-friendly animal hospital in Toronto, look no further! Our clinic and staff are well-educated and trained to keep cats calm and comfortable and aim to reduce the stress of cat during their visit. Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital has a dedicated cat clinic to keep your pet calm and happy. We also offer house calls for general checkups and vaccinations. Contact us today to make an appointment or feel free to walk right in.

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