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a happy golden retriever chewing on a green dental kong

Scheduling regular appointments with the vet is the best way to make sure your pet stays healthy and to prevent minor health problems from turning into major concerns.

But if your pet isn’t keen on visiting the local animal clinic in Toronto, the following five tips will help you ensure a smooth visit for your furry friend.

  1. Write out a list of questions Even if your pet is going to the vet for a routine checkup, you should prepare any questions you have about their health ahead of time. Having everything written down means you won’t forget to ask anything during your appointment. If you have specific concerns about your pet’s behaviour, write these down as well.

  2. Schedule an appointment Unless your pet requires emergency care and needs to see a vet right away, try to book an appointment ahead of time. Without an appointment, you may end up waiting for a long time before the vet is able to fit you in and a waiting room full of other animals can be stressful for your pet.

  3. Don’t feed your pet before their appointment Depending on the reason for your visit, you may need to avoid feeding your pet before their appointment. Some tests and medications can only be administered on an empty stomach. Food is also highly motivating for animals, so if your vet needs to encourage cooperation using food, your pet will be more likely to respond if they’re hungry.

  4. Bring your pet’s medical files If you’re seeing a vet for the first time, bring any documentation about past procedures or vaccinations with you. Having this information on hand will bring your vet up to speed quickly and help them understand your pet’s history and needs.

  5. Help them stay calm If you’re nervous or worried, your pet will pick up on those emotions. Show your pet love and support by channelling a sense calm. You could also bring along their favourite blanket or toy if they have one as well as some treats to provide even more reassurance.

AFFORDABLE VETERINARY CARE IN TORONTO For more tips on how to prepare your pet for a veterinary appointment, contact Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital. At Bellamy-Lawrence, your pet will receive the love, care and respect that every animal deserves. Contact us today to learn more about the comprehensive, convenient and cost-effective care we provide at our friendly veterinary clinic in Toronto.

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