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Watching your sweet little puppy get sick can be heartbreaking. No pet owner ever wants to see their furry friend fall ill. That’s why pet vaccinations are such an important part of keeping your puppy happy and healthy. Keep reading to learn all about the signs and symptoms of some common illnesses that puppies suffer from and why your puppy needs to get his/her pet vaccinations as soon as possible.

1. Distemper Distemper is a very common virus that spreads rapidly through the canine population. Dogs who haven’t yet been vaccinated are the most vulnerable to this virus. Distemper weakens the immune system and can be fatal. 2. Canine parvovirus Parvo is a contagious virus that commonly affects new borns who are too young to be vaccinated. The disease can cause cardiovascular problems and even death if left unchecked. 3. Canine hepatitis Canine hepatitis is a serious illness that can inflame the liver and eventually lead to liver failure. Symptoms include vomiting and fever. Veterinary clinics in Toronto, Scarborough and all over the country offer pet vaccinations against canine hepatitis so that your puppy won’t fall victim to this illness. 4. Rabies Rabies is a viral disease with a myriad of symptoms and can even result in fatality. There is no treatment so, making sure that you get your pet vaccinated is not only vital for safeguarding your pet’s health, it’s also a legal requirement. Rabies can easily spread to humans so visit a veterinary clinic in Toronto like Bellamy-Lawrence for this important preventive step. 5. Kennel cough Kennel cough is infectious and can be caused by several viruses. It is incredibly contagious which is why it spreads through kennels so quickly. Puppies are particularly vulnerable to kennel cough because their immune systems aren’t fully developed. Try to keep your puppy out of crowded parks and kennels until after they are vaccinated. 6. Lyme disease Ticks can bite your puppy and cause an infection and a great deal of irritation. And Lyme disease can easily spread to humans. Make sure that your pet is vaccinated to protect yourself, your family and your animals from this debilitating disease. 7. Leptospirosis Spread through the soil, water and urine of other infected animals, leptospirosis can be deadly if it is not caught early. The best way to keep your puppy healthy and disease-free is to stay up to date with your pet’s vaccinations. Visit our Toronto animal clinic today to protect your pet. If you have more questions about how to keep your puppy healthy, don’t hesitate to contact Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital today. Our clinic is your pet care specialists in Toronto, Scarborough and the surrounding areas.

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