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When your cat has skin that’s itchy or sore, it can be troubling. The source of your feline’s discomfort may be due to any number of things, and pinpointing the cause isn’t always easy. It’s best if you bring your kitty to visit us at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital. Our cat clinic is open seven days a week to residents of Toronto, Scarborough and other surrounding areas. We’ll offer a diagnosis and treatment that’s bound to get your feline friend back to his or her regular self. However, if you want to use a home remedy that’ll offer a bit of relief before your appointment, here are a few things you can try.

A word of caution If you’re prone to searching the internet in search of natural remedies for your pets, it’s best to exercise great caution. Some of the advice you’ll find is not only inaccurate, but can be downright harmful to your cat. Therefore, be prudent in what remedies you administer to your feline. If you have even the slightest doubt, it’s better to first get the advice of your veterinarian. Soothing solutions Whether it’s due to allergies or some other cause, you want your cat to get some comfort for their sore, itchy skin. Here are a few things veterinarian clinics in Toronto might suggest you try.

  • If you’ve recently made a dietary change that was NOT made due to your vet’s recommendation, revert back to the prior food you used. The new kibble might be the cause behind your kitty’s itching.

  • If the itchiness/ soreness is on your cat’s face, switch from using plastic bowls to ceramic, glass, or stainless steal. Plastic can be an allergen to pets.

  • If your cat spends time outdoors, wipe him or her down with a damp towel when he or she comes in. The culprit may be something from outside.

  • Epsom salts dissolved in water makes for a solution that can be an effective treatment for a number of skin discomforts. If your cat will tolerate a five-minute bath, go ahead and try this remedy. You can also apply the solution using a clean cloth that’s been immersed in the liquid.

  • Chamomile tea that’s brewed and then chilled in the fridge can be helpful for minor irritations. Place the solution in a spray bottle and apply it to the irritated area on your cat. You can also try to apply the solution with a clean cloth if your feline is more tolerant to this approach.

Cat care that makes a difference In Toronto and other parts of the GTA, our animal clinic provides a full range of services for your feline. Animal vaccination, dental care, sterilization and all other feline health services are offered at our cat clinic in Toronto. Contact us today with any questions or to make an appointment.

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