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Puppy Labrador with its homemade toy

Dogs need to stay active all year round. Toys are a great way to keep them engaged even during the cold winter months. New toys can be expensive — especially if your pup goes through them fast. But you don’t have to break the bank to keep your dog healthy and happy. Instead, you can make your own toys using inexpensive materials and items that you have lying around the house.

How to make dog toys When crafting toys for your pet, remember not to use toxic products like glitter, varnish or stain. Also, avoid small parts and sharp edges. Here are some vet-approved ideas for toys that are safe and easy to make:

  • T-shirt rope toy. Take an old t-shirt, towel or sheet and cut it into three horizontal pieces, approximately four inches wide and 12 inches long. Line them up and tie them into a knot. You’ll end up with six pieces of fabric hanging from the end of your knot. Braid them together and tie the bottom securely.

  • Water bottle sock toy. Find an old tube sock. For best results, use one that’s at least 10 inches long. Cut the foot off and place a plastic water bottle inside the leg portion. Tie off both ends with twine. You can also make this toy with scrap fabric and a sewing machine.

  • Squeaky sock toy. For this project, you’ll need socks, scissors, a needle, thread and something that makes a squeaking sound (you can use the squeaker from an old toy). Cut the sock below the heel. Stuff the foot section with batting and insert the squeaker. Sew it closed and your new toy is complete. For an added challenge, place it into the other sock and watch as your dog tries to get it out.

  • PVC flirt poles. Use a PVC pipe or similarly shaped object as a pole. Tie a piece of rope or bungee cord to the end of it. Find something to use as prey (e.g. an old toy or a ball) and attach it to the other end of the line. Flirt poles are a great tool to use to train your dog to follow commands while keeping them active.

  • Treat ball. Cut a small hole in a tennis ball. Make sure the hole is just wide enough to fit treats inside, but not so big that they fall out easily. This toy will provide a challenge that your dog is sure to enjoy.

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