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Fleas are a cat owners worst nightmare. These tiny insects feed off your fluffy friends blood, causing very itchy and sometimes painful bites. Unfortunately, these little pests are very hard to exterminate: they reproduce at an astonishing rate and they protect themselves with a hard shell on their back!

Can all cats get fleas? Although outdoor cats are more likely to get fleas, indoor cats are also at risk. Fleas sneak into the house through crevices, open doors and even insect screens. Cats love nothing more than sitting on windowsills to look outside. However cute this may be, if there are any flees lurking in your back yard, they will soon leap into your house through the insect screen if your cat is close by! Nip the problem in the bud! If fleas do find a way onto your kitty, immediate treatment may prevent the following problems:

  • An allergy to fleas can cause severe itching, leading to hair loss and even scabbing.

  • When grooming, cats may ingest not only fleas, but also the tapeworms they carry with them.

  • If your cat has fleas, you and your family are also at risk – especially if your cat loves to cuddle.

Prevention, prevention, prevention! Washing bedding and vacuuming regularly are great ways to keep those pests at bay. Also, comb your cat daily with a flea comb; this is an effective way of not only removing dead hair, but also checking for fleas. If you do spot any – and we hope you don't drown the fleas in water. Popular treatments Let's start with the natural stuff. Although geranium, lavender and eucalyptus flea treatments aren't toxic, it's not proven that they tackle flea infestations effectively. What's more, some cats may be allergic to them. Many people rush to the shops to buy over-the-counter shampoos and powders. They're stronger than natural products but those containing organophosphates can be highly toxic. Once a month, spot on liquid treatments, such as Advantage Multi and Revolution, can be found from your local cat clinics in Toronto and are a great investment:

  • They can kill adult fleas and eggs.

  • They are safe for both kittens from 8 weeks old and humans.

  • Unlike powder, liquid won't go everywhere and harm others.

  • You apply the liquid between the shoulder blades, meaning your cat can't lick it.

Top veterinarian clinic in Toronto If you're concerned that your cat has fleas or if you'd like more information about flea prevention, please contact our staff at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital in Toronto. We're here to keep you and your cat flea-free.

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