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Funny Feline Behaviors Explained

At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we’re pet lovers. We do everything we can in our cat hospital to help you give your pets the best lives possible. Although our cats can be our best friends, that doesn’t mean we always understand the things they do. One minute they’re demanding affection from us, and the next they’re hunting imaginary mice around your home.

Some of their strange behaviours are, in fact, meaningful. Here are just a few explanations for your cat’s strange habits: • Head butting. Vets call this behaviour “bunting,” and it’s a common way for cats to say “hello.” Smell is very important to cats and they have a lot of glands in their face that put their scent on things. Head butting is a great way for cats to let you know they’re glad to see you. • Random sprints. When cats just take off for no reason, they may not have seen or heard something but just have extra energy to burn. Cats may be known for their sleeping habits but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to do some sprints every now and again to get in the mood for their next nap. • Showing you their butt. Cats have a lot of glands in their face, but that’s not the only place they have unique smells. When cats meet they often sniff each other’s rear ends to detect pheromones and find out if the cat is a friend or foe. • Rolling on the ground for no apparent reason. Cats are understandably sensitive about their bellies. In the wild, being in an awkward position means you can’t defend yourself. Showing your belly is therefore a sign of submission. If cats are happy and present their bellies, it means they’re relaxed and feel safe. Whether they’ll allow you to pet their belly, however, varies from cat to cat. • Paw treading. Although we’re not entirely sure why cats do this, the best guess we have now is that it’s a habit they developed as kittens. When they need milk, kittens often massage their mother’s stomach to get as much milk as they can at a feeding. If your cat is purring and kneading you, it means she or he is relaxed and happy. Note, however, that if the treading happens a bit frantically, your cat may be anxious and trying to calm down. If this anxiety treading happens a lot, you may want to consult a vet. • Lying on your stuff when you’re trying to work. If you’re trying to work on a laptop, your cat may just be attracted to the heat. If it’s a book or papers, however, your pet probably is just jealous for your attention. If you need a cat clinic or hospital, contact us at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital today. We love cats and want to do everything we can to give them a healthy and happy life.

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