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a kitten sitting on the floor

One of the main questions that people have when visiting cat clinics in Toronto is how to litter train their kitten. The good news is that kittens instinctually take to burying their waste. When a well-suited litter box is available, they will much prefer to relieve themselves in the litter rather than on your carpet. By following a few simple steps, you'll be able to ensure that your kitten learns how to properly use their litter box. At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, cat clinic in Scarborough, we advise cat owners to:

- Choose the litter box carefully As most cat clinics in Toronto will tell you, the bigger the litter box, the better. Cats like to have a good amount of space to dig around. Pet stores do carry small litter boxes for kittens, but your kitten will quickly outgrow it, forcing you to buy a new one in just a few short months. - Choose the right location for the litter box The location you choose for a litter box is perhaps more important than the box itself. The litter box should be placed somewhere that is both quiet and relatively private but also easily accessible, such as a storage or hallway closet. A quiet corner of a living room or guest bedroom may also work. - Introduce the kitten to the litter box Before you bring your kitten home, the litter box should be all set up. After you've let the kitten explore your space for a while, simply pick them up and place them in the litter box. If they don't use the litter box the first time, try carrying them over once in a while until you observe that they do. - Use positive reinforcement, not punishment You don't need to make a fuss when your kitten properly uses the litter box but a comforting head scratch is always welcome. Do not punish a kitten that relieves themselves somewhere else, as this will only confuse and scare them. Continue to bring them over to the litter box after meals and naps, and consider possible reasons why they may not like using it. - Keep the litter box clean One of the most common reasons why kittens and cats don't use their litter box is because it is dirty. Cats are highly clean creatures and may refuse to use a litter box that hasn't been scooped in a while. You should scoop at least once a day, or possibly even twice if your cat is particularly fussy. Every few weeks you should also completely change out the litter and clean the box itself. Have Any Questions? Ask a Scarborough, Toronto Cat Clinic If you're having some trouble training a new kitten to use the litter box, then an experienced vet at a Scarborough cat clinic can help. At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we'll be able to provide you with personalized tips for your kitten and we'll make sure that your kitten isn't having trouble using the litter box due to a medical condition. As one of the most trusted cat clinic in Toronto, Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital is always happy to help. Just contact us with any questions or concerns today.

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