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view of a cat

If you notice your pet acting in a way that doesn’t seem quite right, you might wonder whether dropping everything and taking them to the veterinarian immediately is the appropriate response, or if you’re simply overreacting. Certain symptoms are indicators of a serious issue and their presence or absence can help you judge the urgency of the situation. However, don’t hesitate to contact a veterinarian if you think something may be wrong, since when it comes to your pet’s health, it’s absolutely better to be safe than sorry.

Signs of pain Even though they can’t tell you what’s wrong, changes in your pet’s behaviour might indicate that they’re experiencing extreme pain. These symptoms may include: • Shaking • Whining • Loss of appetite • Aversion to being touched or socializing • Anxiety • Aggression • Reduced activity If you think your pet is in pain, you should bring them to our walk-in clinic straightaway. Judging the severity of an injury Naturally, seeing that your pet is injured can be quite distressing. In order to determine the best course of action, you should first judge the severity of the situation. Any injury caused by trauma, such as falling from a few feet or being struck by a car or blunt object, definitely calls for an emergency visit to your vet. These types of situations can potentially be life-threatening. Also constituting an emergency situation are broken bones and damage to the eyes. Should you seek immediate treatment? Of course, any injury to your pet should be tended to quickly, but in some cases the need for treatment is more pressing. If your pet has sustained a severe injury, had a seizure, is collapsing or is having difficulty breathing, you shouldn’t waste any time getting them to a veterinarian. However, if your pet is suffering from something minor such as a urinary tract infection, broken toenails or an ear infection, it isn’t imperative that they get treated immediately and you can wait for a convenient time to visit the vet. However, even if your pet’s condition isn’t life-threatening, you should still get them treatment quickly in order to alleviate any pain. Emergency care If you think your pet is in need of emergency treatment, bring them to our drop-in vet clinic immediately. Here at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we prioritize your furry companion’s well-being and our staff of veterinarians, technicians and assistants provide a wide variety of services in Toronto to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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