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Cat Grooming

Many pet owners find themselves musing that it’s amazing just how much hair their four-legged friends shed on furniture, clothes, floors and carpets. While a home filled with fluff is an unavoidable part of having a cat or dog, there are a number of ways to keep it to a minimum.

Why do pets shed? Shedding is completely normal for cats and dogs. Outdoor dogs and cats grow thicker, warmer fur in winter and then shed it in the spring, while animals who live indoors tend to shed evenly all year round. Some breeds lose significantly more hair than others. There’s no way to stop an animal from dropping fur, but there are ways to keep the fuzz from taking over. For your pet Here are a few things you can do to help your animal companions shed their excess fur: Brush them regularly. Your groomer or vet can recommend the best type of brush for your pet’s hair. Many dogs and cats love the attention and feeling of a nice brushing and doing it daily cuts back significantly on the loose balls of fluff you’ll find around the house. Bring them to the groomer. Hair trims are important, especially for long-haired animals. Regular visits to a groomer can keep it under control. Ensure that they get adequate nutrition. Quality dog and cat food contains nutrients necessary to prevent excessive hair loss. For your house To keep your home as free from pet hair as possible, employ the following cleaning techniques: Vacuum. This may seem obvious, but the more frequently you vacuum, the less hair will be left on your furniture and carpets. Vacuuming will also prevent your clothes from becoming covered in hair every time you sit down. Use a rubber glove. Put a rubber glove on and wipe your hand over the couch cushions. It will gather up the hair in a pinch. Use a rubber broom. Use a rubber broom with a squeegee on one side to remove hair from rugs prior to vacuuming. Try a robot vacuum. These can be left on all day and move around the home when you’re away, cleaning up shed hair as quickly as it falls. Damp mop. A slightly damp mop is a quick and easy way to pick up hair from tile, vinyl and wood floors. In addition to the above, using a good quality air purifier goes a long way towards keeping your home free of dander and allergens. When to worry Shedding is an inevitable part of having a pet. However, excessive hair loss or bald spots can be a sign of parasites like fleas, fungal or bacterial infections, allergies or disease. Contact our animal hospital in Toronto if you’re concerned about your pets' hair loss. Get a check up Make sure your fluffy friend is healthy and happy with regular visits to Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital. Contact us today to find out more about our services or simply drop in at our walk-in clinic.

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