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dog during party

Do you plan to invite friends and relatives over for the holidays? While you might be looking forward to the party, these types of gatherings can be stressful for dogs, especially if they’re not used to loud noises, unfamiliar scents and being pet by strangers. Here are a few tips to help keep your pooch calm and happy during your next holiday party.

  • Tire your dog out. Before guests arrive, be sure to take your furry friend for a long walk or engage in a lengthy play session. The extra attention and exercise will burn off energy and put your pooch in a good mood. This will help prevent Fido from getting worked up during the party.

  • Create a safe space. A quiet, secluded area that your pet can retreat to during the party is a must. Place your dog’s bed, toys and food and water bowls in an unoccupied room, and hang a “do not disturb” sign on the door so your pooch won’t be bothered.

  • Educate your guests. Every family has different rules for their pet, and each animal has a different temperament. Be sure to let your guests know on arrival how they should interact with your dog so that everyone’s on the same page.

  • Keep food out of reach. All of the delectable scents will be hard to resist, but a lot of things served at a party can be hazardous to your pup’s health. Make sure any dishes that contain chocolate, grapes and other food that dogs should never eat are kept out of reach at all times.

  • Watch the door. If there are a lot of people coming and going, a small dog can easily sneak out unnoticed. Avoid keeping the door open, and ask your guests to keep an eye on the dog when they come in or step outside.

  • Give your dog some love. Take the time to pet your pooch every so often during the party. This positive attention will help keep your pooch happy and reduce anxious behaviour.

By following these tips, you can help make the holiday season as enjoyable and relaxing for your pet as it is for you. Boarding and vet services in the GTA If you’re concerned that a holiday event will be too stressful for your dog, the team at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital is happy to give your pet a safe and friendly place to stay for the night. In addition to our boarding services, we offer grooming, spay and neuter surgery and emergency vet services. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment at our Toronto clinic.

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