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Pet Surgery Toronto

Just like you and me, cats require extra TLC after they undergo a surgical procedure. For outpatient surgeries, it’s the owner’s responsibility that their cat is comfortable and safe after their operation. To learn how to take care of your pet post-op, take a look at the following tips from Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, our highly regarded GTA clinic.


Whether it’s a routine spay and neuter procedure or another surgery to correct a health-related issue, rest and relaxation should be your top post-op priority for your cat. After the operation, many vets will recommend confinement, meaning that the cat is separated from other animals and children and placed in a separate, quiet room with all of their necessities, including food, water, a litter box and vet-approved toys. It’s also vital to ensure that your cat has a cozy place where they can spread out and recover comfortably, such as their pet bed or plush blankets. FOLLOW THEIR MEDICATION SCHEDULE

After surgery, most cats are prescribed medications, such as painkillers and antibiotics. To help ensure your cat’s full recovery and maximum comfort, you must follow precisely the medication schedule outlined by your vet. Make sure to also inquire about any potential side effects of these medications, as certain medications may cause drowsiness, diarrhea or a lack of coordination. Therefore, to help guarantee your cat’s continued safety, it’s necessary to keep them contained and indoors during this time. ENSURE THEIR STITCHES ARE PROTECTED

Much like dogs, cats are notorious for licking their post-op wounds. However, it’s important to ensure your cat doesn’t chew, scratch or groom their stiches, thus keeping the wound dry and on-track to heal quickly. Consequently, many vets will advise that your animal wear a plastic cone-shaped collar, which impedes them from aggravating the incision site. This collar must be worn at all times, except when your cat is eating or drinking. SWITCH TO LITTER MADE FROM SHREDDED PAPER

Traditional clay litter is characteristically known for being dusty and this dust can irritate—or even cause sores—to your cat’s surgery site. As a result, we strongly recommend switching to shredded paper litter while your pet is recovering from their operation. On a related note, keep the litter box for your recovering pet in the same room as them, making it easily reachable and separate from any of their animal siblings.


At Bellamy Lawrence Animal Hospital, we're proud to offer high-quality surgical aftercare products such as the effective e-collar as well as the post-surgery recovery shirt. The recovery shirt is a great alternative to the traditional "cone" that in some instances can impede your pet's vision and may even cause them to bump into objects such as household furniture. To answer all of your remaining post-op questions, contact the Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital veterinary team. Located in Scarborough, our acclaimed cat clinic delivers the finest in professional care to your beloved pet.

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