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How to keep your small-breed dog’s teeth healthy and clean

Did you know that small-breed dogs are more likely to have dental issues than larger dogs? Their mouths are prone to overcrowding, which can lead to plaque and tartar buildup, tooth decay or gum disease. Poor oral hygiene can even affect their heart and kidney health. Therefore, maintaining your small dog’s dental health is crucial for their overall well-being. Here are four essential tips to keep your furry friend’s teeth healthy and clean.

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Brush your dog’s teeth twice a day

Just like humans, dogs benefit from regular teeth brushing. The best thing you can do for your dog’s oral health is to brush its teeth twice a day with a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste. It’s best to begin dental care when your dog is young. Once brushing becomes a part of its daily routine, your little pooch will begin to expect and enjoy it.

Feed your dog a balanced diet

Feed your dog a complete dog food that supports their oral health. You can purchase specific dog food with large, grooved kibbles that help reduce tartar and plaque formation. You can also mix water additives into your dog’s water dish to promote fresher breath and healthier gums.

Provide your dog with dental chews and toys

Offering your dental dog chews and toys is a great way to promote good oral health. For example, products with nubs, ridges or bristles massage their gums and help remove plaque and tartar buildup. At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we carry various vet-approved options in our online store.

Schedule regular vet check-ups

Regular veterinary visits are vital to your dog’s oral health. You should have your pet’s teeth examined yearly by a vet so they can screen for early signs of problems and determine if a professional cleaning is necessary. It’s also important to keep an eye out for signs of dental problems like bad breath, excessive drooling, swollen gums or reluctance to eat.

Incorporating these practices into your routine can significantly improve your small dog’s dental health. If you’re unsure about specific dental products or techniques, consult your veterinarian for personalized guidance.

Pet dentistry and dog nutrition services in Scarborough and the GTA

Just like humans, pets can suffer from various dental problems, including gum disease and tooth decay, but Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital can help with our comprehensive pet dentistry services. Our veterinary dental care services include cleanings and extractions. We serve pet owners from Toronto and the surrounding areas of Scarborough, Markham and Ajax. Contact us for more information or to book an appointment.

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