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Moving day for a family and their dog

Moving can be hard on your pet. Animals are creatures of habit and they tend to get anxious when changes are made to their environment. Fortunately, there are things you can do to lessen the amount of stress your pet experiences during a move.

Before Preparation is key when it comes to moving. Here’s how to get your pet ready for the big day:

  • Acquaint them with their crates. Pets should always be transported in a crate. You can get them used to the carrier by placing toys and treats inside. Carry them around in their crate and bring them on short drives so they can get used to travelling.

  • Maintain their daily routines. Try to keep up your pet’s daily routine as normal as possible leading up to moving day. This will help minimize any uneasiness.

  • Pack their belongings last. Include your pet in the packing process. Leave a few empty boxes for your pet to explore. Make sure to leave most of their belongings unpacked until moving day.

  • Get them microchipped. Ask your vet about their pet microchip services (Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital can take care of this for you if you’re in the Greater Toronto Area), or get a collar for your pet in case they manage to get out of the house during the move.

During Moving day can be stressful and noisy. People will be coming in and out of your home to move boxes and furniture. Since this may create an opportunity for your pet to escape, consider keeping them secure by bringing them to a friend’s house. Alternatively, place them in a quiet space with the door shut. Put their belongings, food and water in the room with them. After A new home can be overwhelming. Place your pet in a room that’s equipped with their toys, water, food and other supplies before they arrive. Gradually allow them to explore other rooms and areas of the house. Once they’re settled in, you can start looking for a qualified vet in your new neighbourhood. Veterinary clinic in the Greater Toronto Area Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital offers a variety of veterinary services, including microchipping, dental care, vaccinations and routine checkups. We’re also a trusted spay and neuter clinic and our experienced veterinarians perform dog neutering in Markham, Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas. Our animal hospital is accepting new patients. Visit us at our Toronto area location or contact us today to book your first appointment.


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