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a cat with white and brown shades

Feral kittens can be a handful, but with a little love and patience, they can be an unbelievably rewarding and gratifying addition to the family. Remember, if you need advice at any point while socializing your feral kitten, your local cat clinic in Toronto is always happy to help! Let’s take a look at some basic socialization techniques:

• Be prepared. The socialization process can take two to eight weeks, but it’ll be worth every second in the end! Throughout the process, don’t forget that your feral kitten hasn’t necessarily had it easy. It was born in the streets, abandoned, abused or lost with little or no human contact at all, so it’s normal for it to be a little mistrustful at first. Just remember that a little patience goes a long way! • The first few days. A partially weaned kitten that’s five to six weeks of age or older can be separated from its mother. When you first bring your furry friend home, keep it in a cage or large pet carrier, preferably in a quiet place, with a clean litter box and soft bedding. If you have children, wait before you let them interact with the new family pet. Visit your kitten often and talk to it softly. Leave moist food and milk replacement formula in the cage, and make sure it knows how to eat on its own. Your local vet clinic in Toronto can help if you have any questions or encounter any trouble. • First touch. You may start touching and cuddling the kitten within a few hours of bringing it home. Make sure to go nice and slow. If it’s shy at first, remember to be patient. You ideally want to go at a pace that’s comfortable for your kitty. You’ll see, once it starts feeling safer and more relaxed, you’ll be able to pick it up without any difficulty. • The next few days. After a few days, you can start letting the kitten out of the cage to gradually explore its surroundings. Block off any areas where it could potentially hide and get stuck. Make sure it always has access to its cage—that’s where it feels the safest! With time, let your kitten venture beyond the room to explore the whole house—but make sure it doesn’t sneak outside! • The vet. Stay in touch with your favourite vet in Toronto. They’ll let you know when the time is right to bring your little companion in for vaccinations and regular check-ups. Visit Our Animal Clinics If You Need Help With Your Feral Kitten At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we’re always happy to help you socialize your little bundles of joy! Have any questions about socializing your kitten? Give us a call today! We are happy to help you and your kitten through this life changing transition.

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