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dog standing on a door mat

Few things are as exciting as getting a new dog, but if you already have one or more canines living in your household, bringing the newest member of your family into your home can also be stressful. Your old dogs are going to consider your new pet as an intruder in their territory. Since dogs rely heavily on smell, there are a number of steps you can take to get them used to each other’s scents and therefore become comfortable living together.

Keep their cages separate At first, keep your dogs’ cages in separate rooms and don’t allow them to come into visual contact with one another. Slowly introduce them to each other through scent by placing one of the dog’s toys or blankets in the other’s cage. Since this item will carry its owner’s scent, the technique allows for one dog to get used to the other. Familiarize your new dog with your house While your older dog is in her cage, allow your new furry companion to explore your home—under supervised conditions, of course. This will allow them to get comfortable in their new home, and begin leaving their scent in their new territory. Help your resident dog adjust Let your new dog out of his cage to explore the house for periods of about twenty minutes several times a day. When the newest addition to your household is back in their cage, let your old dog out of theirs. Initially, they may be uncomfortable with the foreign scent in their territory and will want to make sure that the intruder is gone. Be sure to give them lots of love and attention, as they may find this stressful or confusing. Over time, your resident dog will get used to the scent of your new dog, and come to accept them into their territory. Introduce the dogs away from home Since dogs are very territorial creatures, you shouldn’t introduce your pets to one another on your property. Instead, take them somewhere enclosed for their first official meeting, such as friend’s backyard. Let each dog take a turn running around, playing and leaving their scent in the enclosed area, without the other dog present. After this, you can finally introduce them face to face. Since they’re already familiar with each other’s scents, they should greet each other in a friendly manner. Animal hospital in Toronto If you have any further questions about introducing a new dog into your home, feel free to contact us at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital. At our walk-in clinic, we offer a multitude of services to keep your pets in top shape.

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