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As the heat rolls in, so do summer pests and parasites. Summer brings insects directly to our backyards, homes and felines during peaks of warmth and sunshine. Some bugs are harmless while others can be dangerous to your pet’s health and wellness. There are preventative measures you can take during the warm months. We have tips for you so that you and your cat can have a great and safe summer.

Mosquitoes, Fleas & Ticks These insects seem harmless to most humans but they can be a hazard to your feline counterpart. Cats that head outside during the warm months are at risk of meeting fleas, ticks and pesky mosquitoes.

  • Fleas: Watch out for fleas, the small and common parasite that is able to jump far distances. If your cat is infected with fleas then they may scratch incessantly and lick or chew regularly.

  • Mosquitoes: These winged creatures are a potential danger to any animal companion’s life because they carry heartworm disease. Cats are not quite at risk as their dog counterparts and the disease is preventable with medication.

  • Ticks: Your cat is not as susceptible to fleas compared to dogs but that doesn’t mean they are exempt. Ticks can also transmit diseases like Lyme disease as well as be the source of skin infections.

Watch for Bees & Wasps Cats are natural hunters, even when it comes to small game like insects. They could be tempted to swat or claw at the sight of a bee. An easy way to prevent bites or stings is to ensure your windows have screens to keep out the bugs. Pet owners are also advised to not leave out sweets or sugars that could attract unwanted guests. What You Can Do Your feline friend should be checked for insects and bug bites on a regular basis since diseases don’t always present initial symptoms. This is especially crucial for cats that spend time outside. There are preventative flea and heartworm medications available that go a long way in protecting your cat. Pet owners can also maintain lawns, groom their cats and wash bedding on a regular basis. If you notice any physical or behavioural changes in your cat then don’t wait until it is too late and contact your veterinarian or animal clinic immediately. Our team of professional vet and vet technicians at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital in Toronto hopes you and your cat enjoy the warm summer months together. We serve clients in the Greater Toronto Area such as Ajax, Markham and Scarborough as well. For more information on how to keep your pets safe from parasites this summer, be sure to contact us at 416-289-2524.

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