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The endless sunshine of summer might be glorious for you, but it may be miserable for a furry dog. Your canine friend's luscious coat makes enjoying the summer heat nearly impossible. Since he can't just throw on some shorts and a tank top, your dog will spend most of the summer lounging in your air-conditioned house. Bored dogs can develop destructive tendencies. How do you keep your buddy entertained? Read on for ways to keep your dog active indoors.

Games The easiest way to keep your dog's mind stimulated is to play with them. There are many games you can play indoors, including the following: Fetch All you need to play fetch with your dog indoors is a hallway and a toy. You can use a ball, but it's better to choose a soft toy that won't break anything. Throw the toy to the end of the hallway and have your dog bring it back to you. Tug of War You don't even need a hallway for this game. Take a rope toy or a soft toy that's long enough for you to hold one end and your dog to hold the other. Entice your dog to pull the toy back and forth with you. Hide-and-Seek First, show your dog a treat. Second, create a distraction for your dog while you hide the treat somewhere in the room. Finally, sit back and watch as your dog tries to find it. You can also show your dog the treat, then put it in a blanket and wrap it up tightly. You can fold the blanket in different ways to make the treat harder to get to. Your dog will excitedly search through the blanket in search of the treat. Training Another great way to entertain your dog is to teach him new tricks, such as: The Bell Trick If your dog scratches the door whenever he wants to go out, that's not great for your house. You can teach your dog to ring a small bell when he wants to go outside instead. Hang a small bell next to the door your dog goes outside through. Whenever your dog asks to go out, gently take his paw and tap the bell with it. Praise him and let him outside. You can also give him a treat. After a while, he'll catch on and use the bell exclusively. Stick Em Up Prepare your dog for a western shootout. Show your dog a treat. Next, put your fingers in the shape of a gun and say Stick em up! Gently take your dog's front paws and hold him so that he's standing with his paws in the air. Praise him and give him the treat. Your dog may catch on immediately, or it may take him several days. For help with keeping your dog healthy and happy, give the vets at our animal clinic a call and set up an appointment today!

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