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Whether your dog is energetic or easy-going, off-leash dog parks are the perfect treat to keep your pet’s spirits up. If you’re located in or around Toronto, here’s a list of off-leash dog parks and areas to ensure your canine stays active, healthy, and happy.

Allan Gardens, 160 Gerrard St. E. (Gerrard & Jarvis St.), Toronto, ON If you don’t visit Allan Gardens for the indoor botanical gardens and colourful plants, visit it for the expansive off-leash area for your dog. This park, located near Jarvis & Gerrard, has plenty of space for you and your pet to enjoy during any weekend outing. Cassels Avenue Playground, 69 Cassels Ave. at Brookside Ave., Toronto, ON Given its expansive land area (nearly two hectares), your kids and pets will have plenty to play with at Cassels Avenue Playground. This park offers splash pads, playgrounds, and off-leash areas to suit the needs of your entire family. Cawthra Square, 519 Church St. (Wellesley), Toronto, ON If you’re eager to find fellow dog enthusiasts, bring your pet to Cawthra Square Dog Park for an afternoon of fun. At Cawthra Square, you can visit with other dog owners while your dog finds new friends. Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park, 1 Cherry St. (at the foot), Toronto, ON Switch up your normal park routine and let your dog experience something else for a change –beaches. The Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park has high-quality beaches and an ample off-leash area for your dog to play around at. Clarence Square Park, Spadina Ave. (at Wellington St. W.), Toronto, ON Whether you prefer grass or dirt paths, Clarence Square Park provides both. This medium-sized park also offers dog owners a large off-leash area for your active pet. You and your dog will feel right at home at Clarence Square Park – the majority of people who visit bring a dog along. Earl Bales Park, 4169 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON Whether your dog prefers farmland or greenery, he or she will see plenty of both at Earl Bales Park. Originally farmland, the Earl Bays area still has old trees – which provide plenty of historic space for your dog to mark his or her territory – and a large area for your animal to run around and play. G. Ross Lord Park, 4801 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON Perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, G. Ross Lord Park provides lengthy trails, cricket pitches, soccer fields, picnic tables, fire pits, and an expansive off-leash area for your energetic pet. The park boasts many “green” projects, including local wildlife support and healthy-land initiatives. Your dog will feel right at home in the comfort of G. Ross Lord Park. Sherwood Park, 190 Sherwood Ave., Toronto, ON If you and your pet want to feast your eyes on a picture-perfect park, choose Sherwood Park on your next outing. Sherwood Park not only has wading pools, hiking trails, and a playground, it has a fenced-off off-leash area so your dog can play for hours without you having to worry about him annoying any pet-phobic passersby. Sunnybrook Park, West of Leslie St. (through Wilket Creek Park), Toronto, ON Apart from its history (it was originally an old-country estate), Sunnybrook Park has plenty of pull for modern-day nature enthusiasts and their pets. You and your dog can enjoy a day outdoors at Sunnybrook Park’s bike trails, dog parks, and recreation fields. Trinity Bellwoods Park, 790 Queen St. W., Toronto, ON If you want to keep your dog’s heart rate up, visit Trinity Bellwoods Park. There’s an off-leash area (a sunken pit-like space) that allows dog owners to see exactly what their pet is up to. This park also offers plenty of space for you to sit – you can relax while you watch your dog play, run, and make new friends. Woburn Park, East of Bathurst St. off of Cranbrooke Dr., North York, ON Recently enhanced, Woburn Park has new pathways, benches, picnic areas, play sets, and a fenced-off off-leash area for your dog. This park provides the perfect place for you and your pet to have fun, run around, and keep your hearts and bodies healthy. Wychwood Barns Park, 601 Christie St., Toronto, ON If you want to sit and visit with friends while your dog runs free, take advantage of Wychwood Barns Park’s off-leash dog area. This area has picnic tables so you can let your dog run wild as you sit, visit, and eat with friends. Yonge and York Mills, Hoggs Hollow (4070 Yonge St., north of York Mills on the west side of Yonge St.), Toronto, ON Gorgeous and green, Yonge and York Mills Park provides space for your dog to run and sights for your eyes to feel rejuvenated with. And, if you want to keep your dog leashed up, there are also plenty of trails for the two of you to walk on. An active dog is a healthy dog – show your dog your love and visit one of these parks weekly. For more tips in caring for your dog, be sure to check out our blog or contact our helpful veterinary staff at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital to set up an appointment today!

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