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cat shopping list

Are you getting ready to welcome a new cat into your home? Whether you plan to adopt a kitten or an adult, it’s important to ensure you have all the supplies you need to make your house feel like home for your furry friend. Here are some of the things you’ll need to pick up.

  • A carrier. You’ll need this to safely bring your new cat home and for any future trips you take together (even if it’s just to the vet). In addition to being safer than letting your pet roam around in the car, the small space of a carrier can give your cat a sense of security. Choose one with rigid sides, plenty of ventilation and enough space for your new friend to move around.

  • Food and water bowls. A cat can eat and drink out of any bowls you have on hand, but you may want to buy new dishes for your pet. Ceramic or stainless steel bowls that won’t easily tip over are ideal for feisty felines. Avoid plastic containers, as many cats are allergic to the material.

  • Food. It’s best to keep a new pet’s diet stable while they get used to their new home, so find out what type of food your cat is used to eating and stock up on it.

  • A comfortable bed. Choose a bed that’s soft and warm, and place it in a spot where your cat will feel safe. While there are a variety of styles available, make sure you pick a bed that gives Fluffy enough space to stretch out but is small enough that your cat feels secure.

  • A litter box. This is a must for any home with a cat. There are many styles available, from simple trays to self-cleaning models that rake the litter after your cat leaves. You might also want to buy a mat to go underneath the box and catch any stray litter. Remember to stock up on litter as well.

  • A collar and ID tag. If you plan to let your cat explore the outdoors, a collar and tags are essential.

Book your cat’s first vet visit today As you prepare to bring your new pet home, be sure to schedule a check-up at the Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital’s cat clinic. From kitten vaccination to microchip placement, we offer all the vet services your cat needs to live a healthy and happy life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Toronto clinic.

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