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view of a dog lying on a seat

Does your dog have difficulty climbing stairs? Does he have decreased mobility, an abnormal gait, irregular posture, or trouble standing, lying or jumping? If so, a dog chiropractor may be able to help.

What is dog chiropractic? The foundations of canine chiropractic are virtually identical to the human variety. In both instances misalignments in the spinal column, as well as other related issues, are treated via hands-on manoeuvrings of the vertebrae, joints and other affected areas. These chiropractic adjustments can help improve mobility and alleviate pain. When to consider canine chiropractic? Typically, dog owners consult a canine chiropractor when other treatments fail to improve the pet’s quality of life or aren’t possible due to other health considerations. Perhaps your pup’s ineligible for surgery or he’s taking medications that don’t agree with him? Whatever the case, it’s important to follow the course of care recommended by your vet and consult with him or her before getting in touch with a dog chiropractor. Chiropractic treatments are not a substitute for regular veterinary care but can be a complementary part of your dog’s health care routine. Ailments that dog chiropractic treatments may relieve There are an assortment of health problems that canine chiropractors can help alleviate. While subluxations (misaligned vertebrae) are the most obvious, there are a number of other health issues they may be able to mitigate. These include: • Hip dysplasia • Osteoarthritis • Repetitive use injuries • Lameness of the forelimbs • Joint stiffness • Spinal column injuries In some cases, chiropractic treatments may also help with post-surgery recovery. Breeds that may benefit from dog chiropractic treatments Larger breeds may be particularly good candidates for intervention from a dog chiropractor as their muscle and weight density can cause problems as they age. Breeds with elongated spines (corgis, dachshunds, basset hounds, etc.) are more likely to develop spinal issues and also make suitable chiropractic patients. What to expect when consulting a dog chiropractor? The first thing a dog chiropractor does is perform an evaluation of your pooch to determine the overall condition of her health. Shortly afterwards, the chiropractor will consult with your vet to verify your dog’s medical history and, if applicable, to access any X-rays taken. The treatments themselves are administered gently and don’t harm or cause discomfort to your pet. In fact, many dogs outright enjoy them. Depending on the unique factors surrounding your pup’s health, the number of treatments will vary. Some dogs see an improvement after only one session, and others require several months’ worth of treatments. For further information If you have any questions about dog chiropractic treatments or concerns regarding your pup’s overall health and well-being, come visit us at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital. Our walk-in clinic is open seven days a week to best serve you and your pets.

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