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view of a cat lying with a doll

As responsible pet owners, we try to be conscientious of our cats’ health and happiness. It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly when our cats are not feeling well. Although they like living with humans, there’s still a part of them that’s wild. In the wild, showing that you’re in pain is a good way to draw the attention of predators, so your cat is naturally unwilling to let you know when he or she is in pain. That means that problems can develop for a long period of time without us knowing about them.

To avoid scary trips to the cat hospital, every cat owner should know a little about the signs your furry friend will show when he or she isn’t feeling well. Your cat’s gait has changed. If your cat is walking strangely, it might mean that she’s been injured and is trying to hide it. His/Her appetite isn’t what it used to be. Active and healthy cats don’t usually eat that much compared to dogs but they do like to eat regularly. If you notice a change in appetite, it might mean your cat isn’t feeling well. • Your cat isn’t urinating or defecating normally. Be sure when taking care of your cat’s litter box to check to make sure his or her stool and urine are regular. If your cat has diarrhea or constipation, it’s a sign of a problem. Similarly, although cats’ urine is famously smelly, any significant changes in a cat’s usual urination may mean trouble. • He/She has had significant or rapid weight loss or gain. Healthy cats should regulate their own weight well. If they regularly get exercise with their owners, they know how to regulate their own diet. Rapid or significant weight change means that they’re not well enough to do their daily routines. If the weight change is rapid enough, don’t hesitate to take your pet to the cat hospital. • He/She has a lot less energy or other significant behaviour change. Cats like their routines. Although cats need more sleep each day than we do, they still need activity to stay healthy and happy. If your cat suddenly stops playing or asking for affection from you, something might be wrong. • He/She is drinking a lot more water. How much water your cat drinks can vary slightly for each cat. If your friend starts drinking more water suddenly, however, it may be a sign of kidney trouble. • Your cat is vomiting repeatedly. An upset stomach every now and then or bringing up the occasional fur ball isn’t something to worry about. If your cat is vomiting repeatedly, however, you should take your pet for a visit to the cat hospital. At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital in Toronto, we want to help you give your cat a healthy life. If you notice any of these symptoms that your cat may not be feeling well, bring your cat in to see us or contact us to find out the ways we can help.

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