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The decision to spay or neuter your pet is an important one for both your family and pet. The teams of professional veterinarians at our animal clinics in Toronto are here to provide options for a smooth procedure and transition for your cat or dog. Pet owners can rely on our comprehensive veterinary care. There are many health and behavioural benefits to spaying or neutering your pets. Your animal companion deserves to lead a happy and long life.

The Benefits Helps reduce pet overpopulation: The decision to neuter or spay your dog or cat prevents unwanted litters and reduces the number of animals on the street. There is an overpopulation crisis in Toronto where many animals face homelessness, shelters and euthanasia. Increases life span: Your dog or cat will live a longer life if they are spayed or neutered. On average, a dog’s life span will increase by 1-3 years while cats can live up to five years longer if they are spayed or neutered. Reduces risk of cancer and disease: Spaying and neutering your cat or dog decreases the chance of ovarian, uterine and testicular cancers. The operation is key to preventing costly and dangerous health problems for your pet companion later in life. Curbs unwanted behaviour: Your dog or cat will not experience the behaviours that occur naturally with mating. The decision to spay or neuter curbs dominance-related behaviours such as urine marking, spraying, barking and mounting. Minimizes roaming: A spayed or neutered animal companion is less likely to stray from home. This also reduces the risk of wandering or missing pets as well as fights and injuries. Increases quality of relationships: Your animal companion will have better relationships with both your family and other pets. Multiple pets under the same roof get along better if they are spayed or neutered. Our animal clinics in Toronto are prepared to handle your dog or cat’s surgical procedure. We also offer our veterinary services to clients in Ajax, Markham and Scarborough. The decision to spay or neuter your cat or dog is an important one. Our spay and neuter clinic provides care, experience and absolutely no wait times compared to the Ontario SPCA and Toronto Humane Society Spay and Neuter programs. It is crucial to spay or neuter your dog or cat while they are young to avoid complications and additional expenses later on. Brimley-Lawrence Animal Clinic and Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital offer unparalleled pet care. Serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area since 1993, our veterinary clinics ensure comprehensive and timely treatment for your dog or cat. To learn more or to make an appointment call 416-266-9380. Book your appointment, and we can get your beloved pet spayed or neuter by next day!

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