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Tips for keeping your pet calm during vet visits

Photo of a corgi getting his ears checked

Let’s face it; even the kindest veterinarian can trigger fear if your pet remembers a previous painful visit. Cats are no fans of moving vehicles at the best of times, regardless of whether a trip to the vet is involved. As for your dog, even if he loves a car ride, he may be wary if he knows where you’re going. Is the prospect of a vet appointment making you wonder how to get there without a fuss? Here are some tips for a stress-free vet trip for your cat or dog.


Calming your cat

Although cats don’t have the same enthusiasm for car rides as dogs have, taking your cat out for an occasional drive with some treats in its kennel can make the prospect of going in the car less stress-inducing.


Consider using products that can help calm your kitty before the big trip. Feliway is a popular calming spray that you can add to the carrier 10 minutes before putting the cat inside. It mimics the feel-good pheromones released when your kitty rubs its face against hard surfaces. Additionally, for cats that get so stressed you can’t even put them into the carrier, vet-prescribed oral sedatives can be helpful.


De-stress your dog

Experts suggest not overfeeding your dog before leaving for the vet so those treats at the clinic are extra pleasant. You can also help by keeping his leash loose and allowing him to sniff around a bit in the reception area, if it is safe to do so as not all pets take kindly to others coming to close to their personal space.


An excellent way to make vet visits less scary is to help your pooch associate the vet with pleasant experiences. At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we encourage pet owners to book fear-free visits. During these special appointments, our team provides a positive experience to make going to the vet as fun for your dog as any other car ride.


A few tips for cats and dogs

Here are a few things you can do to reduce vet stress for any pet and make the trip a lot less hassle for yourself.


  • Try to book appointments for quieter times in the week

  • Leave your pet in the car while you check in before the appointment and while you’re paying the bill afterwards

  • Bring along familiar toys and treats from home


Additionally, remember that your pet is keenly attuned to your emotions. Learning strategies to manage your own anxiety can go a long way to keep your furry friend calm and content.


Veterinary and pet vaccination clinic in Scarborough

For all your pet healthcare needs in the GTA, including surgery, dental care and routine vaccination, Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital in Scarborough is here. We also provide essential animal care supplies and high-quality cat and dog food through our online store. Contact us today to book your pet’s next visit.



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