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cat and a dog standing next to each other

Stereotypically, cats and dogs have a mutual hatred for one another. However, the thing about stereotypes is that they aren’t necessarily true. Your family can include both a dog and a cat and, with a little help from you, they can get along like the best of friends. Consider how old they are Puppies learn much faster than full grown dogs, meaning that the younger your dog is, the easier it’ll be to teach them to get along with your cat. This way, your dog will learn your cat’s limits from a young age and will continue to respect them as they grow up. Introduce them through smell Dogs and cats both rely heavily on their sense of smell. Before they meet for the first time, allow your dog to sniff your cat’s toys, bed or blanket, and vice versa. This will allow them to familiarise themselves with the other’s scent and recognise each other when they finally meet face to face. Teach your dog to stay calm An untrained dog isn’t going to put up with your cat’s antics. Before introducing your two pets, make sure that your dog can control their impulses. This way, they’ll stay calm when in the same vicinity as your cat, instead of jumping and barking is response to their presence. You can also reward your dog for their good behaviour around your cat to encourage positive interaction between your pets. Feed them separately Your cat may attempt to eat your dog’s food, which will ultimately annoy your dog and create bad blood between your two pets. You can avoid this by feeding your animals at the same time, but in separate rooms, keeping the other’s meal out of sight and out of mind. Toys and attention for everyone The last thing you want is to drive a wedge between your cat and dog due to jealousy. Make sure they are each given various toys and provide them both with lots of affection to ensure that they won’t come to resent each other over time. An animal clinic for canines and felines alike If you find your cat or dog is in need of a visit to an animal hospital, drop by Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital. Here, your animal companion will receive lots of love and attention and get the treatment they need to thrive. If you have any further questions about how to help your cat and dog get along, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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