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Happy Cat Lying on Couch

Adore your feline companion? Want to make “mittens” purr with satisfaction? Of course you do! Here are 10 things your kitty needs to feel happy and content.

1. Food. Make sure your cat is getting the right amount of top-quality cat food. Look for protein at the top of the ingredients list such as chicken, fish or beef. Keep cat treats to a minimum in order to prevent obesity. 2. Cleanliness. Cats absolutely despise a dirty litter box. They’ll go to great lengths to avoid stepping in their own filth, even holding their urine to avoid it. This can result in stinky accidents around your home, or worse, life threatening urinary tract blockages. Scoop the litter every day, and change it once a week. 3. Freedom. Allow your cat time to hide and explore independently. Let them jump on ledges and climb around the house. Most importantly, back off if they’re showing signs of wanting to be left alone. They’ll love you more for it in the end. 4. Health. Get regular checkups at your cat clinic in Toronto. This will allow you and the vet to address any developing issues before they become expensive health problems that may cause pain or discomfort for your cat. 5. Love. Most cats want to be cuddled and talked to. Show your cat attention by rubbing behind their ears, under their chin or along their nose. 6. Structures. Cats are born to climb, perch, scratch and jump. Place your furniture in such a way that your cat can freely exercise these habits, or provide climbing structures and a scratching post to save your furnishings. 7. Grass. A little pot of cat grass will be a big hit. Cats love munching on it and it benefits their digestion. 8. Play time. Make sure your cat has plenty of toys. They enjoy small balls or feathered playthings they can bat around with their paws. They also love laser pointers and flashlights. Exercise is important! 9. Company. If you’re away from home for long periods of time, consider adopting a second cat. While the first few days together may be rocky, over time they’ll become friends and keep each other entertained. 10. Hunting. If your cat is allowed outdoors, let them hunt. Like it or not, cats are predators and naturally inclined to stalk and kill small animals. Allowing them to indulge in their instincts is good for their body and mind. If this makes you uncomfortable, provide toys instead. Don’t forget the vet Health care is essential for a happy kitty. Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital has a clinic just for cats. Contact us to find out more about our feline friendly services, or drop by with your cat at our walk in cat clinic in Toronto.

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