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a cat in the garden

Meowwww!! Do you ever wonder what your cat is trying to say to you? The sounds your feline pet produces can mean various things. The tone and pitch of their meow can help you understand what they're feeling or trying to say. As kittens, all felines meow to communicate with their mothers. Wildcats eventually lose this ability while domestic cats do not. Meowing is what allows domestic cats to communicate with their human parents.

Meowing and Purring Meowing indicates that your cat has a want or need, i.e., they might want food. Older cats might meow more frequently and at a higher pitch if they're lonely or anxious. If they're meowing is incessant there could be a serious issue and you should consider taking them to a cat clinic in Toronto such as the Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital. A purring cat for the most part is a happy cat. However, if your cat is purring with its ears pulled back and its body is tense then the purring can indicate that the cat is worried. Hissing, Growling and Yowling If your cat is hissing, the odds are that your cat feels threatened and is ready to attack. A hissing cat will often take on a defensive position. The cat will have an arched back, fur standing straight up, ears pulled back, and an open mouth with displayed fangs. If your cat is hissing, try and remove the threat. Not all cats are upset by the same things; a well-adjusted sociable cat might feel less easily threatened than a shy or feral cat. Yowling is an unhappy meow. A yowl is more drawn-out and longer than a cat's regular meow. It can mean that your cat is worried or experiencing discomfort. It can also mean that your cat wants to mate. This sound is how cats communicate amongst each other. If your cat yowls continuously then a trip to the animal hospital or clinic is in order as there might be an underlying problem. A growling domestic cat generally has a higher pitch, and the growl will often end with a yowl. If your cat is growling, unless it’s in immediate danger, just leave it be. A growling cat will take the same defensive position as a hissing cat. Caterwauling and Screaming Caterwauling occurs when cats are fighting. It is also the sound a cat will make when it is in heat and ready to mate. This often sounds like a hollow sounding yowl or a baby crying. Screaming is the sound a female cat will produce just after having mated. To avoid hearing any of these two sounds, having your pet spayed or neutered is the best option. Not all cats are vocal and some are more vocal than others. Even though certain breeds are more vocal than others, there are no guarantees that your kitten will grow up meowing up a storm. If You Hear Yowling, Bring Your Cat to Our Clinic in Toronto As you and your furry feline get to know each other better, you will learn to decipher its regular meowing habits. If for any reason your pet’s meowing alarms or concerns you, do not hesitate to contact your local veterinarians at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital. Or you can bring them to our hospital to be seen. Our clinic is located in Toronto and has ample free parking!

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