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dogeating a dryied pig ear

Looking for a new pet diet? Or do you have a type of pet food that's tried and true and never looked back? Maybe you've tried a variety of brands and flavours, only to have landed on one your dog loves, and you don't feel any need to change it. As it turns out, switching up your dog diet is an excellent idea. Maybe you should consider a rotation diet.

What Is a Rotation Diet for Dogs? A rotation diet (or rotational diet) allows your pup access to every nutrient he needs to stay healthy. In a nutshell, you rotate through a few different types of food every so often. Each type of dog food has a different benefit, such as protein or fibre, but no food has it all. Doing this makes a lot of sense. Even humans don't have the same thing for dinner every day. After several weeks or months of the same thing, why should our dogs? Aside from nutrients, eating the same thing every day gets boring, even for our fur babies. Why not treat them to something new and exciting every so often? They deserve it! What Nutrients Does My Dog Need? Just like humans, a balanced diet will help your dog live a longer and happier life. The most important thing you can do when curating a dog diet is to know how to read labels. If meat is the first ingredient, you're in luck. Anything with "meal" on the label is also good news. Carbs and grains come in second as the most important nutrients. Corn, whole wheat, and soy aren't bad, but they're not as quality. Opt instead for peas, oats, barley, and rice when you're shopping for pet nutrition; in Toronto and the GTA, you can also shop online in our store. Just be careful. Exposing your dog to a variety of yummy foods is good for them, but you may discover they have a food allergy. If you think they might have an allergy, here's how to look for the signs. How Do I Rotate My Dog Food? There is more than one way to accomplish a rotation diet. You can cycle through your dog's diet every two weeks, every month, or every bag of food. To ensure a smooth transition from one pet food to the next, parcel out half of the old food and half of the new one. Sometimes, it takes our pets' digestive tracks a little time to get used to a new type of meal. This system will make it easier for your pup to adjust to his new food. Try this half-and-half method for two or three days before fully transitioning to the new food. Buy Pet Supplies in Scarborough for Your Dog's Diet Today No one cares about giving your dog a happy life more than you do. What better way to show him love than by starting him on a rotation diet today? Buy pet supplies in Scarborough right now from a trusted veterinarian source and get started. Your furry best friend will love you for it!


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