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Cat with cancer laying on a carpet

Finding out your pet has cancer can be heartbreaking, but it doesn’t necessarily mean your little friend’s life is over. If you’ve received this difficult news, here’s some advice to help you move forward.

Get informed Some cancers that afflict pets are curable. Once you get the diagnosis, learn about your pet’s prognosis. Find out what type of cancer it is, how far it’s progressed, and what treatments are available. If you’re dealing with an incurable form of cancer, there may still be ways to manage the disease to keep your pet comfortable. A veterinary oncologist may propose treatments that ease your pet’s pain and lets them enjoy their usual activities for some time. Be realistic Treatment for pet cancers may include some combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. It’s possible to mitigate these treatments’ difficult side effects. If you have more than one option, ask about the benefits and side effects. Remember, pets respond differently from humans to cancer treatment and may not experience the same discomfort. Be realistic about your ability to manage at-home care like administering meds or caring for wounds. Can you make time to attend more frequent vet appointments? Don’t hesitate to inquire about treatment costs, too. Your pet needs you to make a fully informed decision before undertaking any course of treatment. Be prepared You may face a decision between the length and quality of your pet's life. Depending on your pet’s condition, it may be possible to return to good health after a short period of discomfort. However, you may prefer that your pet not experience any pain at all. A frank discussion with the vet can help you feel better about your decision. If your pet does undergo cancer treatment, be prepared for some difficult days during the healing process. Your veterinary clinic staff can help you understand any changes you observe. If you come to a point where you feel the treatment is doing more harm than good, don’t be afraid to decide it’s time to stop. Always talk to your veterinary professional before making any final decision. Animal clinic in Toronto If your pet needs surgery or other cancer treatments, make your first call to the Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital in Scarborough. Our compassionate and experienced doctors will diagnose and recommend therapy options. For your healthy pet, we can advise on preventative pet care. Don’t rely on your judgement. Contact us to schedule a check-up for your furry companion.

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