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Labradoodles laying in the grass

If you live in or around Toronto, chances are you’ve seen a Labradoodle or two walking around your neighbourhood. After all, they’ve quickly become one of the most popular dog breeds in the GTA. Labradoodles are a cross between a poodle and a Labrador retriever. Although their adorable appearance draws people in, there are many other reasons why Labradoodles make great pets. Here are five.

1. They Don’t Shed a Lot Labradoodles are considered a low-shedding breed since they have hair and not fur. This makes them a great option if someone in your family has pet-related allergies. However, they require quite extensive grooming. Owners must be prepared to pay a groomer for their services every 6-8 weeks and brush their labradoodle daily. Alternatively, they should regularly spend time working mats out of their dog hair as hot spots can develop quickly if left unattended. This problem is worsened if the dog regularly gets wet. 2. They Have Even Tempers Labradoodles are an easy-going breed. They’re playful, patient and caring, making them an excellent family pet. They also have a reputation for getting along well with other animals, which is great if you already have another furry friend at home. 3. They’re Intelligent Overall, Labradoodles are highly intelligent dogs and are easy to train. They’ve inherited the most desirable traits from both the Labrador and the poodle, two among the top ten breeds for obedience and working IQ. Moreover, Labradoodles make great service dogs. In fact, they were originally developed in Australia to be hypoallergenic guide dogs. 4. They Come in Many Sizes and Colours Labradoodles come in three sizes: standard, miniature and toy. Toy Labradoodles are well-suited to apartment living, weighing about seven to nine kilograms (15 to 20 pounds). Standard Labradoodles can reach up to 17 kilograms (60 pounds) and make great running partners. Along with the range of sizes, they come in various colours, including chocolate, cream, black and red. With so many options, you’re sure to find a Labradoodle to suit your lifestyle. 5. They Have a Long Lifespan Although many designer dogs are known to have various genetic health issues, Labradoodles are typically a relatively healthy breed. They have an average life expectancy of approximately 12 to 15 years. Regardless of breed or background, it’s important for you to take your dog for regular vet visits to ensure they remain in good health.


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