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Pet Microchipping Toronto

Microchipping might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but in fact, it’s a really useful way to keep pets from getting separated from their families. A veterinarian or a veterinary tech can insert a small chip, the size of a grain of rice, underneath your pet’s skin. It’s a simple procedure that doesn’t hurt and can be administered with a needle. The chip, while it doesn’t track the pet’s location, can provide veterinarians and animal shelters with ownership information about the cat or dog found.

Microchips keep pets and their human families together If your animal companion gets lost, whoever finds it can bring it to a local vet or shelter to get scanned for a microchip. If your pet is microchipped, your name and contact information will be retrieved, and the shelter or clinic will get in touch to reunite you with your pet. Our emergency vet in Toronto regularly receives calls from people who have found lost and sometimes injured animals, and microchips allow us to identify those animals’ owners. Microchips vs. collars You might ask: “isn’t that why my pet has a collar?” However, unlike a collar, a microchip can’t easily be removed or lost. Dogs can slip loose of their collars, or escape out the door while they’re not wearing them. Thieves can also remove a dog’s collar, but they can’t as easily get rid of a microchip. If your dog is stolen and isn’t chipped, there’s no surefire way to prove that the dog really belongs to you. Innovations in microchipping pets Microchipping is evolving. Some companies are now inventing smart devices that can identify your pet by their microchip. Such innovations include automatic dog doors that can be programmed to open exclusively for your pup. Similarly, automated pet feeders will only respond to your pet’s chip, thereby providing a perfect solution for people with multiple pets who like to steal each other’s food. Microchipping and the law: what to be aware of In some places, microchipping will soon be mandatory for pets. Northern Ireland recently made dog microchipping mandatory and other jurisdictions will soon follow suit. Some towns, and even condo and homeowners’ associations, may start requiring that cats and dogs be chipped. Why not get ahead of the curve and have it done now? Pet microchipping in Toronto If you’re thinking about pet microchipping in Toronto, give us a call at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital. Microchipping is affordable, safe and effective, and we’re happy to help you set up an appointment for your dog or cat. Also, be sure to keep our number handy if you ever require an emergency vet in Toronto.

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