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Our Cat Clinic in Toronto Will Make Your Furry Friends Purr

Cats can be fussy animals—they insist on being ultra-clean, like attention only when they demand it and hate it when you move their belongings around. Funnily enough, that’s what makes us love them! At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, our cat clinic in Toronto will please even the most demanding cats.

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Many Services Are Available at Our Toronto Cat Clinic

We conveniently provide an extensive range of services all under one roof, including:

  • Flea and tick control for your cat in Toronto Our professionals can help your kitty remain free of fleas and ticks using gentle prevention treatments, like spot-on products. If fleas or ticks are making your cat suffer, don’t worry, we can prescribe a variety of pest treatments.

  • Spaying and neutering at our clinic People often choose to spay or neuter their cat to prevent them from becoming territorial and spraying, decrease their risk of getting cancer, and extend their life span. If you’d like us to spay or neuter your cat, we’ll make sure their experience is as stress-free as possible. We administer a general anaesthetic so your kitty won’t feel a thing.

  • Vaccination We can help protect your cat against life-threatening diseases, such as rabies. Some vaccines are compulsory and some are optional; this depends on his lifestyle. Our veterinarians will be happy to provide you with tailored advice.

  • Dental care Our experts can keep your kitty’s mouth healthy by treating common problems such as tooth decay, swelling and gingivitis.

  • Digital X-rays at our Toronto cat clinic We use digital X-rays to help us accurately diagnose certain illnesses, injuries or conditions. When diagnosis is precise, treatment is more successful.

  • Cat pain relief Whether your kitty has just had an operation or an accident, our professionals can provide pain-relieving injections or oral tablets to help keep them calm.

  • Feline heartworm tests Heartworm disease is transmitted by parasites and can lead to serious conditions like lung disease and heart failure. We can test your cat’s urine and blood, and take X-rays and electrocardiograms to find out if they have feline heartworm disease.

  • Microchipping your cat We can inject a tiny microchip under the cat’s skin to make sure you will be notified should they go missing and end up in a shelter/Veterinary clinic.

Service You and Your Cat Deserve in Scarborough

If you require one of the above services, we can help. What’s more, we also offer a house call service for vaccines and for any need to allow your pet to pass on. We offer service in Toronto, Scarborough, Markham or North York.

Here at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, we make it our priority to treat your pet like our own. Bring your cat to our clinic in Toronto for a service you can trust.

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