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Whether You’re From Scarborough, Markham Or Ajax, Our Veterinary Clinic Can Help

Pet owners from Toronto and surrounding areas have been visiting our animal clinic since 1993 because we provide animals with total veterinary care and offer a service that is extensive and convenient. Here’s how:

  • We treat pets like our own Our veterinarians are animal lovers and will make sure your furry friend feels cared for before, during and after treatment. They will play with your dog or cat and give them the care they need to make them feel at home. When you leave your pet with us, you’ll know they’ll be in safe hands.

  • We offer a comprehensive range of services Our veterinarians are qualified to provide a range of treatments for your pet, including: vaccination, grooming, spaying/neutering, microchipping, flea control, dental care, surgery and pain relief.

dog and cat with stethoscope

You don’t have to be in Toronto to enjoy our services

We are conveniently located at the intersection of Lawrence Avenue and Bellamy Road. We’re easily accessible from many neighbourhoods, which means that animals from Toronto and beyond are never far from our veterinary care. We’re proud to welcome new faces from Scarborough, Markham, Ajax and other locations in the Toronto area. Here’s how to find us:

  • Finding our veterinary clinic from Scarborough For Scarborough residents, our veterinary clinic is a stone’s throw away. You might even be able to walk.

  • How to arrive at our vet clinic from Markham Getting to us from Markham couldn’t be easier. Simply head southeast towards the Lake Ontario and you won’t be far.

  • Travelling to our veterinary clinic from Ajax Even if you come from far-away towns like Ajax, getting to our clinic is easy. We’re located between Ajax and Toronto so just head west and you’ll be on the right track.


If you don’t own a car, or if it’s easier for you and your dog/cat, our veterinarians are happy to visit you at home. Treating pets in the comfort of your home can help them feel calm and relaxed. This makes treatment easier and safer and is particularly beneficial for anxious pets. House calls are only suitable for minor treatments that don’t require emergency equipment such as vaccinations and routine check-ups.

If you come from Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Ajax, North York or any other location, and would like to visit our vet clinic, call us today. Our friendly team will also be happy to give you more information concerning our veterinary services. For total veterinarian care in Scarborough and the surrounding area, choose Bellamy-Lawrence.

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