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Comprehensive Pet Care, Vaccinations, Boarding & Grooming

At Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital we know what it’s like to have pets. You love it when they run to the door, happy to see you. You pamper them with toys and treats. You want them to be happy, healthy, and safe. They are a part of the family and your best friend.


At our Toronto clinic, we treat your pets like you treat your pets with the added benefit of having the tools, training and knowledge necessary to ensure their health is in order. We will patch up injuries effectively, and provide general treatment and care for your pet’s illnesses.

Routine Veterinary Checkups and Treatments

Our veterinarians are constantly trained on the most recent industry developments, use safe and proven procedures in a sterile environment and have access to modern veterinary equipment. The Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital in Scarborough is designed to get your pet back to health, and ensure a long, happy, energetic life. The following are common procedures our vets are accustomed to performing on a regular basis:

We can also arrange an ultrasound for your pet if we suspect a condition that’s harder to detect. In any case, we offer prompt service so your cat or dog won’t be uncomfortable in an unfamiliar space.

Pet Grooming and Boarding Services

Proper grooming isn’t just about your pet’s looks – it is also about health. Grooming services, provided at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital only, allow your dog or cat to see better, avoid skin problems, attract fewer fleas and ticks, and generally increase their comfort level. Since your pet’s coat will shed less and be easier to maintain, your life will be much easier too! And if you are considering a closer trim for the summer, here is a guide to help you decide if you should shave your dog or not..


Our professional groomer will give your pet the full treatment: including a shampoo, haircut, and dry; ear cleaning; and nail trimming. If you are concerned about your pet’s oral health, you’ll be pleased to hear that we provide animal dental services as well.


Additionally, don’t forget about our boarding services! We know that you love having your furry friend around, but when you’re away, you can trust us to give your pet a friendly place to stay.

Emergency Vet Services

Serious situations like injuries or accidents require rapid action. Don’t further risk your pet’s health by waiting. Bring your cat or dog to our clinic for immediate care. We are now located at 3310 Lawrence Avenue East in Scarborough and we serve a wide area, including Scarborough, Markham, Ajax-Pickering, and North York.


Rather than visiting several Toronto vet clinics, pet salons or kennels, choose one location for grooming, boarding, routine checkups and emergency care. Choose Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital, your one-stop shop for top-quality pet care. Call 416-289-2524 today to schedule an appointment!

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