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Trust Our Team When Your Pet Needs an Emergency Vet in Toronto

If your pet is showing any unusual behaviour, it may be a sign of something serious. It can be a challenge for you to understand what your pet is actually going through, which may sometimes be an emergency as well. For situations like this, we at Bellamy-Lawrence Animal Hospital are here to provide emergency vet services in Toronto. Be it an animal attack, accident, or any other condition that needs immediate attention, our team is always prepared to handle it.

We have walk-in clinic services, for which you don’t necessarily have to make an appointment before visiting with your pet. We are open seven days a week and are conveniently located near the northeast corner of Lawrence and Bellamy road. Visit us today.

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Emergency Situations

You can get your pet to us if you notice any one or more of the following conditions.

  • Fractured/broken bones due to accidents

  • Inability to move legs

  • Injuries to your pet’s eye

  • Swollen and hard-to-touch abdomen

  • Blood in urine or fecal matters

  • Inability to pass urine or feces

  • Pain during urinating or passing feces

  • Bleeding from nose, mouth or coughing up blood

  • Any object stuck in the throat

  • Diarrhea and vomiting for over 24 hours

  • Inability to stand up or walk without bumping into things

  • Heat stress or heatstroke

  • Unconsciousness

  • Poison ingestion

  • Seizure or staggering

  • Signs of pained or aggressive behaviour

  • Whelping or kittening issues

How We Handle It

Pets needing emergency vet services in Toronto are treated by our emergency veterinarians, who have the skill and the experience of handling critical situations. We provide walk-in facilities for our furry friends whenever they need it. Even though we have prior appointments, if your pet needs immediate assistance, we give our best to treat your four-legged friend as soon as possible.

Our team can also provide you with house-call vet services. When sometimes it is not possible to drive your pet to our clinic, or your pet feels anxious about a car ride, you can call us. But such services will be limited to standardized treatment. In case of an emergency, it is always advisable to get your pet to our vet hospital. This is because an emergency situation might require heavy equipment for blood tests, surgery, and sometimes the situation might demand hospitalization of the pet, which cannot be done at home.

Visit Us Today

A regular checkup of your pet can avoid many emergency situations going forward. We provide annual checkups, vaccinations and more. If you need any further information pertaining to our emergency services, and general treatments, contact us today. You can also walk in to our clinic, or call us to schedule your appointment. Along with providing emergency vet services in Toronto, we also serve Scarborough and Markham.

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